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2023 Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit™on Sunday June 4th, 2023 in Boston


About The Event

Boston Biotechnology Summit® is designed to foster innovative synergies between biotech and pharma companies, healthcare-focused cities and regional clusters, institutional, philanthropic and strategic investors. The Summit team is passionate about bringing the professionals together to spark new ideas and projects leading to improvement of patients’ health and well-being, globally. 

The Summit at a glance in 5 years

The central theme of the first edition in 2017 was an introduction to the biotechnology ecosystems in Boston and Paris, which were also highlighted in terms of innovation and leadership.

The Summit®’s framework for its 2018 edition was “from the promise of raising capital to the reality of clinical trials” and featured speakers from the academic, biotech, investor, legal/regulatory and pharma worlds. A CEO “pitching session” was introduced.

The objective of the third Summit in 2019 held at The Wistar Institute was to further ensure that it could offer an efficient and cost-effective forum which will add value for the companies taking part. To achieve this, the organizers’ aim was to maintain a rich content and a “human size” and to strategically expand this US-based Summit® to broader European participation. An International Program Committee was also set up.

In 2020, the Summit stepped up to contribute during the Covid-19 Pandemic, That year was fully dedicated to discuss Epidemiology, Treatment, and Prevention.

In 2021, the Summit focused on New Skills in Biotechnology, and New Investments in Health.

The 6th Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit will be in 2 parts: Virtual & In-Person

The 7th Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit will be in-person

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What Our Attendees Are Saying..

Here are what some of our past attendees have said about our annual event:

4th Boston Biotechnology Virtual Summit 2020 ● Focus on Covid-19 The most informative 2 hour Covid-19 ZOOM call of 2020 ! Thank you, for your hard work and hosting such esteemed panelist at such a relevant time during the epidemic (Excerpt). Frederick "Rick" Pierce II, CEO & President, SanaRx Bio-therapeutics, Inc. Founder & Principal, FEP Capital Advisors, Cambridge MA, New York, USA, Beijing & Shanghai, CHINA
"The Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit gathers the most advanced and emerging biotech and venture capital pioneers from Paris and Boston and allows attendees to learn from their wealth of knowledge. The agenda is well curated to include scientific presentations as well as lectures on funding, regulatory and legal strategies making this the premier meeting for learning how to establish a biotech company in the US. This conference is a “must attend” for founders, scientists and funders alike." Vanessa Elharrar, MD, Fmr., Director of Therapeutic Research, NIH, Office of the Director, Maryland. Vice President, PPD Biotech, USA.
"I am always humbled by Soheila and Shahin Gharakhanian's unwavering and unmitigated dedication to the global community. This 4th edition of the Summit is another milestone that shows their commitment to the community." Pravin Chaturvedi, PhD, 2020 Summit Honorary Chair, CEO Oceanyx Pharmaceuticals, Woburn MA.
"I have participated in the Boston Biotechnology Summit® twice, already !! In the 2017 Summit, in Paris, France, we presented Genoskin products and data at the Poster Session. In the 2018 Boston Summit, I was one of the six CEOs selected to pitch to a panel of Academic Experts, Investors and Pharma/Bio Executives. Genoskin has expanded its activities by opening an office in Salem MA, USA." Pascal Descargues, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Genoskin, Toulouse France & Salem MA.
"The content is wonderful and the Organization is excellent. I have enjoyed connecting with the fantastic stakeholders and look forward to future collaborations throughout the next week and years" Retsina Meyer, PhD, Neuroscientist - Entrepreneur - Innovator, Cambridge MA, USA. 2017 & 2018 attendee.