Jacques Bernard Taste, founder and President of Biotech Finances.

After graduating from the University of Lyon, Jacques-Bernard worked for his entire career in the financial press sector. In 1996 he created CAD, an independent press agency, delivering news feeds and finished articles to the major financial and professional media titles in Europe and Asia. In 1999 he was invited by the Echos media group to actively participate in the launch of their professional newsletter department, in particular the IAD and Biotechnologies and Finances newsletters. In 2004 he bought the Biotechnologies & Finances newsletter from the Echos group, and has since turned it into one of the leaders in financial information for the biotechnology and medical technology sectors. Biotech Finances now has offices in France, Canada and Belgium. They recently established a prestigious French-speaking and international editorial committee comprising investors, industrialists, academics and literary figures. Jacques-Bernard has now been a well-placed and attentive observer of the biotechnology and medical technology sectors for nearly twenty years. An astute connoisseur, he is capable of deciphering trends and understands the financial stakes.