Soheila Gharakhanian

Soheila Gharakhanian, President of Blend of Concept LLC, Soheila is the co-founder of the Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit. She has expertise in the multiple aspects of seminar / educational event management, i.e. developing novel and highly informative program content, attracting prominent speakers, acclaimed leaders in their respective fields, marketing to targeted audiences, negotiating sponsorship/partnerships terms and overall event business development. Since 2008, she has designed / project managed seminars and customized lectures, in numerous fields, in the Greater Boston Area. Soheila is now starting to expand activities in other cities. Prior to coming to Boston, Soheila worked as an Analyst-Programmer, closely with the Project Manager, Commercial Department and IT Teams, creating custom software or databases in numerous SSII. Soheila holds a Diploma in Computer Sciences & Database Management (EPSI), and additionally, attended Sorbonne University, Paris, France.