Kevin J Bittorf

Kevin J Bittorf, founder of SCxCMC ( , is a seasoned Senior Executive and Consultant with a proven track record in pharmaceutical development, spanning both innovator and generics. With expertise in GMP, business development, contract manufacturing, and long-term strategy, Kevin is a trusted partner for CEOs and executives seeking breakthroughs in pharmaceutical advancement.

Notably, Kevin played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Vertex’s manufacturing process through the development of a continuous processing system. This innovative approach not only reinvented manufacturing but also slashed costs and accelerated product time to market. Leveraging this success, Kevin founded the Advancing Drug Development Forum ( offering a groundbreaking platform that attract and stimulate dialogue with key opinion leaders in biotech and pharma, executive leadership, senior directors, consultants, and a close network of CROs and CDMOs to further explore together novel solutions, promising technology breakthroughs and hearing how the entrepreneurial industry leaders are introducing and incorporating novel approaches in drug development, changing timelines and ROIs.

As an entrepreneur, Kevin co-founded Trek Therapeutics, a bio-tech firm addressing HCV in emerging markets. Leading Business Development and CMC strategy, he achieved remarkable success, licensing five new chemical entities (NCEs) within a year and swiftly preparing materials for clinical trials.

Beyond his hands-on contributions, Kevin is a thought leader in the pharmaceutical industry, regularly sharing insights on topics like AI, IOT, Blockchain, Continuous Processing, QbD, and PAT. His dedication to innovating manufacturing and formulation processes, coupled with strategic business development and global partnership cultivation, solidifies Kevin’s role as a leader in pharmaceutical consulting across North America, Europe, and Asia.