Organizing Committee

The Boston Biotechnology Summit® Organizing Committee is headed by Soheila Gharakhanian, and includes the team listed below. Shahin Gharakhanian ensures coordination with the International Program Committee.

Soheila Gharakhanian
Soheila Gharakhanian

Soheila Gharakhanian is the President of Blend of Concept LLC, the Summit Producer, and the co-founder of the Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit®.

Shahin Gharakhanian

Shahin Gharakhanian is the founder of the Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit®. He specializes in Drug & Vaccine Clinical Development Medical Affairs.

Mehdi Chelbi, MSc Biotech, Summit Chief Business Officer,  Paris, FR,

C Level Senior Executive & Advisor – BiPER Therapeutics CEO & Co-Founder – G.CLIPS Biotech Co-Founder & Board Member

Founder – Senior Executive & Advisor – Corporate & Business Development

Pravin Chaturvedi, PhD, Special Advisor to the Summit Organizing Committee, and Chair Emeritus. He is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Napo Pharmaceuticals  and CEO of Oceanyx Pharmaceuticals.

He is a Massachusetts Biotechnology Pioneer, and experienced drug developer and biotech entrepreneur. Previous positions: CEO of Pivot and Scion Pharmaceuticals, Head of Lead Evaluation at Vertex, Product Development groups at Alkermes and Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert (Pfizer).

Mac Martirossian, CPA, Special Advisor to the Summit Organizing Committee.

Managing Director, MThree Advisory, Atlanta GA. He has extensive US and International Executive Business and Financial experience and track record, and has held senior leadership roles at 4 publicly traded US Corporations. 

The Summit Team

A special thanks to our extended organizing team for helping with the Boston Biotechnology Summit®:

Graphic Design & Conference Booklet: Doug Walp, Medical Illustrator and Animator, Axon Animation, LLC, Aiken, SC, USA

CPA Services: TF. Allen & Company P.C.  Woburn, MA, US

Webmaster: Susu Wong, Tomo360, Lowell MA