Frederick Pierce II

Mr. Pierce is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of senior leadership and operating experience in building successful healthcare companies. He is the CEO co-founder of Decoy Therapeutics of Cambridge, MA., that designs rapid antivirals using its AI/ML powered platform. Co-founder of Microbial Machines. He is a board member of Decoy Therapeutics, BIOPHTA of Paris France, Innvation1 Biotech (Chm.of BOD) of New York City, The Canadian Entrepreneurs of New England. An advisor/mentor to the Canadian Consulate of Boston/Cambridgeā€™s Healthcare.

Rick has a proven track record of attracting capital, forging transformative strategic global alliances, and working with investors to create successful outcomes of public and private healthcare companies.

Prior to Decoy, Mr. Pierce was President of SemBioSys Genetics (TSE:SBS). Javelin Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: JAV) bought by Hospira now Pfizer, after its lead drug was approved. He served as VP of Corporate Development and Investor Relations and on Javelinā€™s Executive Committee. Ā Prior to Javelin, he was also VP of Business Development and Investor Relations before becoming CEO of GlycoGenesys, Inc. (NASDAQ: GLGS). Mr. Pierceā€™s also spent 15 years on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Kidder Peabody advising clients including, well known public and private healthcare and technology companies.