Azim Dehghani Amirabad

Azim Dehghani Amirabad, PhD, is currently senior AI scientist at J&J, developing AI models and algorithms for single cell data analysis.

Before joining J&J, Azim was working as a machine learning scientist at Sanofi for a year. At Sanofi, he was the lead analyst for building a single cell atlas for human immune cells for therapeutic target identification and compound repurposing.

He received his PhD. in Computer Science from Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany in 2019. During his PhD. he developed and applied different machine learning algorithms and models to model and infer different modes of gene regulation from multiomics data. Azim completed his postdoctoral training at MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 2021. During this time, he developed systems biology models and machine learning algorithms to analyze the complexities of biological systems at the single-cell level.