Bernard C. Rudnick

Bernard C. Rudnick is Founder and Managing Partner of CapGenic Advisors, LLC, and a member of several investment groups. He was recently instrumental in providing investors an average dividend (over $100 million) of 5 times invested capital while maintaining their stock positions.  He is a founder of one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurial programs former CFO and current Director of Atrin Pharmaceuticals, former Director and CFO of Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc., former Director of PoP Medical Solutions, Director of RSportz, Director of Operative Experience, Director of Axxia Pharmaceuticals, and has held a number of other board positions – both commercial and not-for-profit – throughout his career. With 36 years of experience in executive-level strategy, finance, and management, Mr. Rudnick has senior merger, acquisition, capital formation and licensing leadership experience with companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 50. He has led or co-led business strategies, including capital formation totaling more than $600 million and strategic and licensing transactions of over $7 billion in the past twenty years. Mr. Rudnick has facilitated exit transactions for Mitsui (Mitrix), DuPont (Agri-chemical), McKesson Bioservices (now TMO), Kika Clinical Solutions (now IBM) as well as a number of early stage life sciences companies. Bernard C. Rudnick is currently Chief Executive Officer of Virion Therapeutics.