Bradley Lether Pentelute

Bradley Lether Pentelute is currently a professor of chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research program lies at the intersection of chemistry and biology and develops bioconjugation strategies, cytosolic delivery platforms, and rapid flow synthesis technologies to optimize the production, achieve site-specific modification, enhance stability, and modulate function of a variety of bioactive agents. A main goal of the Pentelute Lab is to invent new chemistry to modify Nature’s proteins to enhance their therapeutic properties for medicine.

The Pentelute Lab has developed a series of highly efficient and selective chemistries that can selectively modify the amino acids cysteine and lysine within unprotected peptides and proteins.

The Pentelute group designs fully automated fast-flow machines to accelerate the chemical manufacture of sequence-defined biopolymers. It has built the world’s fastest and most efficient machine that can produce thousands of amide bonds an order of magnitude faster than commercially available instruments.