Djomangan Adama Ouattara

Djomangan Adama OUATTARA, PhD,  is CEO and cofounder of Gencovery (Lyon, France), which specializes in the development of a digital infrastructure to revolutionize R&D and production in life sciences.

Over the last 15 years, he worked as computational scientist in several organizations (e.g.: Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, CNRS in France, The Bio-Intelligence program led by Dassault Systèmes in France). Its core expertise encompasses artificial intelligence and in silico modeling of complex biological systems (systems oncology, toxicology, bioartificial organs, systems metabolomics, digital twin of cellular metabolism). After leading the Bioinformatics group in the Technology Research Institute BIOASTER at Lyon (France), Adama founded Gencovery in 2020 with a purpose to disrupt digital life sciences. Gencovery is developing and providing Constellab™, the leading digital infrastructure to get rid of all data silos by hyper-connecting data of biotechs and pharmas at any stage of their value chains.

Adama holds a PhD in Electrical engineering from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France).