Olivier Blin

Olivier BLIN (MD, PhD, MBA), 59 yo, is Professor of Pharmacology at Aix-Marseille University, certified in Neurology, Psychiatry and Medical Biology.

He is currently Head of the Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacovigilance Department, Marseille University Hospital (Ap-Hm), member of UMR AMU-INSERM 1106, and coordinator of the University Hospital Federation DHUNE, COEN center on neurodegenerative disorders and aging (www.dhune.org). At the national level, he is a Member of the scientific committee of CNS ITMO Aviesan. He also is Vice President of the scientific council of CSFRS (Ecole Militaire, Paris). At the international level, he has been elected as a member of Innovative Medicines Initiative Scientific Council by the 28 EU members.

Olivier Blin is a Past member of the Board of the French Minister of Health (2004-05), Founding Vice-President of Eurobiomed Cluster, Past Head of Unit Physician, CNS, GSK, Shanghai (2011-13) and Past Visiting Professor at Imperial College London (2012-13).

Olivier Blin authored more than 270 scientific papers (available on PubMed) with H google index: 49