Veronica Miller

Veronica Miller is the Executive Director of the Forum for Collaborative Research (the Forum), a public/private partnership addressing cutting edge science and policy issues through a process of stakeholder engagement and deliberation. Dr. Miller has extensive experience in working with all major global and U.S. organizations and agencies involved in HIV research and policy. She is a leading expert in the process of engaging stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic to resolve significant health policy and public health issues. Under her leadership the Forum’s deliberative process to advance regulatory science applied successfully to HIV was extended to drug development for hepatitis C infection in 2007, and starting in 2014, to the treatment of liver diseases (NASH and fibrosis), and human cytomegalovirus disease in solid organ and stem cell transplant patients. Efforts led by Dr. Miller to advance public health policy through stakeholder engagement include the National Summit program, which focuses on the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the Viral Hepatitis Action Plan; and the Bay Area Health Disparities Program.

Dr. Miller is a Professor (Adjunct) at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. She developed and teaches a course on FDA and Drug Development based on case studies from the Forum’s rich history in facilitating drug development to Berkeley and Bay Area graduate students and post-docs. She mentors interns and fellows pursuing regulatory, biotech and translational medicine careers. Dr. Miller serves on numerous industry and government advisory boards, publishing over 90 peer-reviewed publications on HIV treatment strategies and regulatory strategies for HIV and HCV throughout her career. She joined the Forum in 2001 after directing the interdisciplinary HIV Research Group at the HIV Outpatient Clinic of the JW Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Together with Joep Lange, she co-founded and chaired the Euro-Guidelines Group on HIV Drug Resistance, the first pan-European group established for the purpose of assuring a common standard-of-care for patients in all European states. Dr. Miller obtained a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the University of Manitoba, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology from the University of Manitoba.