ESCP Business School

Jean-Baptiste Say, one of the leading classical European economists, established ESCP, the World’s First Business School, in 1819. He was the first to study entrepreneurship, conceptualizing it as the main driver of the economic fabric of a nation.

Regularly occupying top spots in international rankings for its Executive MBA, Master in Management, Advanced Master in Finance and Advanced Master in Biopharmaceutical Management (MsM), ESCP is part of the Sorbonne Alliance and offers dual degrees with renowned schools and institutions such as Institut Pasteur, CentraleSupélec, ENSAE, Mines ParisTech, or Panthéon Sorbonne University. Many companies and organizations in the healthcare and life sciences sectors continuously work with ESCP due to the reputation of its 35 year old MsM program, the expertise of its faculty and partners, the size and quality of its 2,000 MsM alumni network -managers, leaders and high-flyer entrepreneurs in the biopharma industries.